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A new year brings the hope of new beginnings or the continued quest for one’s personal best in many arenas of our lives. But what is “one’s best?” What do we keep, improve or change? Attainable goals start with an honest assessment of who we are as evidenced by our behaviors, achievements, failures and the quality of our relationships. Oftentimes these markers may not line up with how we feel, there is a disconnect, resulting in a feeling of “dis-ease.” Symptoms from this dis-ease can mirror actual diseases or exacerbate underlying medical conditions, becoming a vicious cycle, as in the metaphor, “which came first, the chicken or the egg.”

As a systemic practitioner, I do not get bogged down trying to answer this question, rather I focus on interrupting the patterns (over we have much more control over than our past, genetics, or, oftentimes our environment) in which we engage and which maintain these symptoms or “dis-ease” in place. Even if we are not at that point, but want to make important and difficult changes, the forces of the status quo (aliases—comfort or convenience) can make it challenging to effect change in these daily patterns. The experience of symptoms and or the feeling of being stuck serve a purpose, and this occurs in an aspect of our being that is outside of our conscious awareness. The work that I do with clients is helping to give voice to these inner forces in one’s being that need to be understood, honored, sometimes expelled, and sometimes accepted in order to makes changes, grow, and achieve desired life goals.

Patterns do not exist in a vacuum; more often than not, they occur in interdependent interactions with our loved ones (and our society/environment). So I welcome in therapy all those who want to be included in the change process. This results in quicker and longer-lasting changes.

I look forward to speaking with you to discuss if I may be of service to you and your loved ones. I currently offer both in-office and telehealth sessions.

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